Friday, 29 August 2008

After I Have Run Through All The Defaults...

After I have run through all the defaults 

My solidarity secludes me tonight

And it is growing by the minute

Into this massive monster

With fiery red eyes

How conclusions I reach

And to conclude I fail

How the possessions I keep

And other possessions lost in space

How my bed swallows me deep every night

I stretch my arms out begging to be pulled out

But the dim lights in my room

Tie a dim light in my heart

And the streetlights that shine bright

Dance with the glimmering stars

No longer can I differentiate between dreams and reality

No longer can I appreciate right from wrong

For my human world is tangled in a mossy green skunk

That stinks and bathes them in vanity divine

And that drips and leaves a trail for the rest to follow

And their tails bristle 

The hairs stand up straight

A warning, a cold fright

Covering that bright red tail with a long black coat

No matter how night is the night

You can’t hide

No matter how bright the daylight

The mask is your pride

And you deem yourself human

And yes we are identical

And yes if you look beneath the flesh 

We are all skeletal

How deep do you want to get?

How far do you want to go?

The moment that the dust you breathe in

Will exhale and give up on you

How we live selfishly

And only for what we think is right and true...

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