Wednesday, 17 September 2008



Facilitate my existence 

For now I know no bounds to my desires

Facilitate my mind

For now I know no bounds to my ideas

But how swiftly the wind transforms

And directs and objects

To what you do

Just close your eyes

On the path you think you know 

And how gravity rejects you to the ground

How you flap your wings but know there’s no getting out

And in those attempts

You know you are not made to fly

Not on your own at least

But if you tried and tried

And you threw yourself from a height

You may just have come up with a way

To not replicate but innovate

To not imitate but create

And while everyone else’s eyes is covered 

By the air they know is there

You fly now swiftly

From height to the clouds to being free

Wherever you want and however you want it to be...

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