Monday, 24 November 2008

Me too..

There are police cars

There's a chase

A black man is arrested

And they beat him to death

Later on they find out

It was not him

The description didn't fit

But the stereotype did

His widow pleaded for mercy

Fell down on her knees

All they could do is say sorry

And compensate her needs

It angers me when I see

Judgement on what color you were born in

And a voice screams repeatedly

"Its not my fault that I was born this color"

"It not my choosing to belong to this race"

Its a bad world

And sad for sure

For our eyes do not see

Our eyes are covered in decisions of our mind

A film that covers it from seeing

The beauties that exist

The beauty all around

The beauty in each and everyone of us

No matter what race, religion, country or creed.

For I hurt the same way if you were to beat me

And I would bleed red blood if you were to bruise me

And I have two eyes and I have two hands and I have two feet

And I celebrate birthdays, weddings and funerals

And I do get scared when the lights go out

And I do look on both sides of the road when I cross

And i speak, speak the language of pain and love

For I too can fall in love...