Friday, 29 August 2008


To say that we are immigrants

Is a dirty word today

To class us as immigrants

Is a way to discriminate

To move from movement to individual

To walk with guidelines and rules

To strip a man off his story

To strip a man off his identity

To strip a man off his individuality

To class him equally

Look into that man's eyes

They tell his story

Of his struggles, of his trials, of his failures and of his joys

What brought him here and why

Who saw him off and kissed him goodbye

Why would he leave his homeland

And head for the grey skies

Touching the soil he leaves

Entering the concrete ceilings

Look at the man and see how he compares

How he talks, how he moves and behaves

Are the steps we take, the footsteps we leave behind

A trail to follow, a country to divide

A land to conquer and dig holes deep

Who was here before you?

What did they leave behind?

Why did they leave for the new?

Was it you they left behind?


Ethav 2008 - All rights reserved 

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