Saturday, 3 January 2009

I Got Nothing

i got nothing

and that feeling of emptiness has raided my senses

it has closed into my pores

it has lingered it bitter scent into my arm pits

and i sit there crying

arms cross with my head resting down

i got nothing

i never had anything

but now that you are gone

i got nothing

i got not even me

leaning against a pile of carnage

my slippers reek with dust and blood spills

and my mattress separated from my bed

arms and legs scattered like confetti 

i feel nothing

i got nothing

feeling ashamed to be alive

why leave me alive to remember, and feel and feel

this heavy burden upon my heart

i am nothing

and indeed, thats why i sit here

because if i was something, i would not be here

i never had anything

and now i got