Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Why Should I Write?

Why should I write?

Whom am I writing for?

Is it for the rich who will read and forget

Or for the poor and illiterate

Is it for the common masses who worry about their daily bread

Or for the army soldier who has a country to defend

Whom should I write for?

What purpose do I serve?

What will I create?

Whom will I preserve?

Will the dead come back to life?

Or will people stop taking lives?

Will the innocent be saved?

Will the offenders be forgiven?

My heart pain for the ignorance

Because my ego allows me to judge and make decisions

My heart pains for the pilgrims

Who pray for all and still get slaughtered like chicken

Like chicken our feathers get plucked one by one

Not given a choice as to if we want to be naked

Like chicken we tremble in pain before being thrown into boiling water

Or be cut at our necks

One by one the feathers are plucked

Not knowing how to fly, we lose even the thought

The form is that of flesh and blood, oozes from every pore

And the smell of death to come hallucinates the pain

The chicken is killed for another chicken's gain

Meaningless it seems after all our existence

Darkness fall upon the land where we once fed

Grain don't grow into trees

Flocks don't run free

Eggs get crushed beneath our feet

Carelessly moulding thoughts into deeds

The thoughts that don't mean anything

Tell me again, Just one reason

Why should I write?

And why should you read?

1 comment:

Carl said...

You write to let it out;
to free what will not be bound,
and should not be destroyed.

Each lyric is a pain unveiled;
the grievous price of enlightenment,
and yet a note for harmony.